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You may view some of my portrait studio backgrounds using the image carousel below.  I have other backgrounds available which will be recommended based on color of your attire for portraits.  We also have wide selection of backgrounds for Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Valentine's, Graduation and other occasions.  Too many backgrounds to show here.

Thousands of backgrounds available to help ensure coordination with attire colors, business logos, themes and more.

Thousands of backgrounds available to help ensure coordination with attire colors, business logos, themes and more.

At the Top Class Portraits™ studio I have literally thousands of backgrounds available to help ensure the right background color, scheme, textures and set-ups which may best compliment the attire of the subject(s). 

If you wish to save time, you may print the Portrait Session Order Form and using this Digital Backgrounds video, write on the Order Form the digital background IDs you are interested in for your portrait session: Portrait Session Order Form 

I may not use the exact same background you selected and indicated on the portrait session form.  The attire may have been switched out slightly or for any other number of reasons.  I will be able to explain any changes or adjustments during your session.  The main goal is to help ensure you receive the best quality portrait images you are going to love.  Your background selection helps me to understand your portrait needs faster and more clearly.  I can then provide helpful suggestions and show you more options during the session which you may prefer then what was originally planned.

Portrait Studio Digital Backgrounds Catalog

Digital Photo Lab & Design Studio on Premises

When Portrait Club members choose me for their printing needs, I'm able to provide all photographic print sizes from wallet sheets up to 16" x  20" wall portraits ready for pick-up at studio by the next business day.  You will be notified when ready next business day for pick-up.

In order to offer the greatest value in professional portraiture, I've decided to strike a balance between quantity and quality.  So I'm offering PACKAGE PRINTING of images ordered from my Digital Design Studio.  The price includes next day service so your order may be picked up at the studio by the next business day.  If you plan how you order these photographic package prints, you will have little if any wasted images.  But still I hope to be offering a greater value than what you may find elsewhere.  Each photo sheet may only be printed from one image.  I offer more package printing options than what is pictured below.  

While you may find online photo labs and maybe even other local labs which offer lower pricing, you will not receive the custom quality work that I provide you for the price and with next business day delivery at studio for pick-up.  Attention to detail makes all the difference in the quality photographs you will receive.

- John

Design Your Own Portrait Print Packages

Photographic Printing with Next Business Day Pick-Up at Studio Exclusively for Portrait Club Members.

You may also order photographic prints from my own Digital Design Studio on premises with next business day pick-up at the studio.  Mounting, matting and framing options available with next business day pick-up also available at the studio.  All size photographs from wallet sheets to 16x20 wall portraits.  Photographs are printed on professional photographic luster surface paper for exceptional quality and longevity.  Paper has a wide color gamut for natural looking skin tones and vibrant color reproduction.  Package Price Discounts:  Over $100 before sales tax you receive 10% discount.  Over $200 before sales tax you receive 15% discount.

Sheet of Eight Wallets / $7.00

Sheet of Four Wallets & One 5x7 / $7.00

Sheet of Two 5x7s / $7.00

Sheet of Four 3½x5s / $7.00

One 8x10 / $7.00

One 11x14 / $11.00

One 16x20 / $18.00

See Full Resolution Version on Top Class Portraits FLICKR.

Digital Design Studio

for Portrait Club members only

Do a lot more than just printing photographs.  Also photocopying old photos and using the images to superimpose.  This most often done with images of loved ones who have passed and combining with new images created today.

Designing panoramic photographs.  Signature mats for wedding day signing by wedding guests and more.

The Best Color Palettes for Family Portraiture

Depending on when and where your family is being photographed, the color of your clothing can compliment your surroundings and help create an eye-catching image.  Check out the images below and their respective color palettes to get an idea of colors to wear for your family's portrait.  Don't forget to discuss wardrobe options with your photographer.  PLAN this with your photographer BEFORE your portrait session.  Exceptional and beautiful portraits don't happen by accident.  Just like a TV show or movie.  All about planning.