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John is a full-time professional photographer with full service studio & digital design photo lab.

  Accredited Member of the Better Business Bureau. A+ rating over 21 years.

Portrait customers of Top Class Portraits who have their Gmail addresses registered with me and who I have granted access may upload your photos to the lab for printing using the FILE UPLOADER below.  This may include your own photos you've taken with your own camera outside the studio.  Show us your best shots!

If it has been several months or even over a year, you may also upload your favorite images from any of  your portrait sessions you've had with us.  You must also have your payment information on file at my office to minimize transmission of your payment info across the internet.  Your order will be ready for pick-up at the studio by the next business day.


We do NOT guarantee photo enhancements, retouch, printing, manipulation or inferior services of other photo labs which you may take to have digital portraits provided by us to be printed by other photo labs.

Carefully inspect any and all enhancements, retouch, creative applications BEFORE you have printed by our photo lab or by any other photo lab.  Especially for enlargement.  For example, retouch that may not be visible in a small print, may become visible in a larger print. 

When you choose our in-house photo lab for printing - we make further corrections to the digital portrait before we print . . .  and at no additional charge.  We are a CUSTOM digital lab.  This means you WILL receive better quality and faster service from us than probably any other lab anywhere in the United States!  We usually deliver print orders by next business day to the studio!

(Sign-In to Google Drive Required).

Design Your Own Portrait Print Packages

You may also order photographic prints from my own Digital Design Studio on premises with next business day pick-up at the studio.  Mounting, matting and framing options available with next business day pick-up also available at the studio.  All size photographs from wallet sheets to 16x20 wall portraits.  Photographs are printed on professional photographic luster surface paper for exceptional quality and longevity.  Paper has a wide color gamut for natural looking skin tones and vibrant color reproduction.  

Photographic Package Printing:  All on Inkjet Lustre Photo Paper.  The Same Digital Photo is Printed Per Sheet.  Only ONE digital photo per package sheet.

Package Price Discounts:  Over $100 before sales tax you receive 10% discount.  Over $200 before sales tax you receive 15% discount.

One Sheet of Eight Wallets / $7.00

One Sheet of Four Wallets & One 5x7 / $7.00

One Sheet of Two 5x7s / $7.00

One Sheet of Four 3½x5s / $7.00

One 8x10 / $7.00

One 11x14 / $11.00

One 16x20 / $18.00

36" x 12" Framed & Mounted Signature Mat   |   $150

Upload your favorite 3 to 5 images.  Any names if desired, no extra charge.  Mounted on ¼" thick photo mount foam board. Hanging hardware included. Two fine point markers included. 

Highly recommend an attendant to standby to help make sure children do not scribble on signature mat.

(Wedding photography clients who have ordered this on the wedding photography contract receive a special discount).

Digital Water Color

Made from JPEG file you upload to me:

"I Love Us" is your favorite three photos printed as shown.  Printed on lustre inkjet photo paper as 11" x 14" or 16"x 20".  You might consider mixing sizes for a creative effect.

Each 11" x 14" with file creation fee $15.

Each 16" x 20" with file creation fee $22.

Guaranteed to be ready for pick-up at studio by next business day or provided free.

Magazine Style Wedding Album Design from Your Digital Photos

Send us your full resolution JPEGs.  We recommend around 3 to 4 photos per page.  Each page designed is $10.  We will give you access to the File Uploader after you use Contact Form to describe your order to us.  We will provide all your album page designs on an M-Disc with your selected photo on M-Disc face.  The M-Disc face may also be customized with Couple's names and wedding date.  No charge for shipping to anywhere in continental United States. You may view these album page images on my Facebook.

Access to the Digital Design Photo Lab order form below is restricted to Top Class Portraits customers and our portrait club members only.