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16"x20" wall portrait.  Option to customize with signature on wallets.

Portrait Club

I have over 20 years of portrait studio photography experience.  So I know there is a great number of customers of professional portrait photography.  During some various casual conversations some ideas shared about the advantages of a Portrait Club program.

Past few years I've been wanting to provide a program which rewards and provides generous incentives to my loyal portrait customers.  This Portrait Club program is being designed and going to have new features added to it during the next couple of months.  I invite and really encourage portrait lovers to send me your own ideas you would like to see as members of the Portrait Club.  Email John at 

Portrait Club membership will be priced at $20 a month or $200 if paid annually.  You will have choice of several different Portrait Themes for any of the Portrait Sessions offered while maintaining good membership standing and even before full payment of membership.  Also with membership, ordering of photographic prints from your own JPEGs you upload to Top Class Portraits with next business day service.

Once the full membership fee is paid, you will also be entitled to receive:


Details for Portrait Club membership are still being worked out, so feel free to email your suggestions.  I will be posting final details by May 1, 2023.

Top Class Portraits USB Drive for Portrait Club Members

You may use the Top Class Portraits USB drive you receive to store any JPEGs you have shot anywhere of any subject matter to order next business day photographic prints next time you are at the studio.   Wallet sheets up to 16"x20" wall portraits at regular print prices.   A convenient way to separate  your images to be printed by Top Class Portraits.  One FREE with Portrait Club membership.

Portrait Club members receive one free USB drive as pictured above when joining.  Just an easy way to separate your JPEGs you want printed in my digital design studio from other JPEGs you have.  You can call me to see if I'm in between sessions and have time to sit down at the computer with you to discuss crop, retouch, printing options and more, if you prefer instead of just uploading to me. 

I also have these premium quality Top Class Portraits 64 GB 3.0 USB drives available at $12 each for any Portrait Club members who prefer these. 

Available in three colors: black, rose gold and silver and with keychain. 

Portrait Theme Set-Ups

All Portrait Themes provided exclusively to Portrait Club members.  They are not seasonal specific and are good for all year around creative portraiture.  Portrait Theme Set-Ups will consist of several props, specific lighting arrangements and the particular background which takes a significant amount of time to get all set-up.  For these reasons, Portrait Theme Set-Ups are limited to ONE theme set-up per portrait session.  This also is another reason why scheduling portrait appointment in advance is extremely important.  It allows the photographer to have your requested Portrait Theme Set-Up ready before start of your portrait session.  More themes to be added soon.

Portrait Club | Theme #1

This theme pictured is available exclusively for Portrait Club members.  It may be used in any of the portrait sessions I offer but only for Portrait Club members.  For convenience, this Portrait theme is identified as Theme #1.  

Photo Credit: Tara Lindley Photography based in Boise, Idaho.

Portrait Theme #2

Cherry Blossom.  As you can see in example, this is beautiful for maternity.  But also may be used for father & baby, glamour and boudoir.  Only our imaginations will limit the creative uses of this background.

Portrait Theme #3

Rusty Brown Door.  Depending on how you, your photographer or how I light this background and subject(s), there are a variety of ways of creatively using this for all year around images.  (Senior, model and teens among popular uses).

The Background

Example Image

Portrait Theme #4

Balloon Portraits.  This theme is available.  I already have the backgrounds, floors, cake stands and props to do the "Balloon Portrait" session.

Birthday Cake


Birthday Cake Smash

First Year

Portrait Theme #5

This theme coming soon.  Up to total of five themes to become available.

Package Printing

In order to offer the greatest value in professional portraiture, I've decided to strike a balance between quantity and quality.  So I'm offering package printing of images ordered from my Digital Design Studio.  The price includes next day service so your order may be picked up at the studio by the next business day.  If you plan how you order these photographic package prints, you will have little if any wasted images.  But still I hope to be offering a greater value than what you may find elsewhere.  Each photo sheet may only be printed from one image.  I offer more package printing options than what is pictured below.  

While you may find online photo labs and maybe even other local labs which offer lower pricing, you will not receive the custom quality work that I provide you for the price.  Attention to detail makes all the difference in the quality photographs you will receive.  Another advantage of my Package Printing service for my Portrait Club members is that you don't have to have the JPEG from your session already done.  I can usually apply requested "creative filters" later after session was shot.  So you may, for example, order a sheet of eight wallets with a creative filter effect that was not included with your portrait session.  If I can apply any creative filter(s) within one minute, there is no extra charge.  Same for any basic retouching. Less than a minute for me to do, there is no extra charge.

- John

Sepia toned. Blurred vignette.  Lens flare. Didn't take over one minute to apply so no extra charge.  Lens flare is a filter effect to enhance some studio portraits where a hair light was used.

Sheet of Eight 3½x2 Wallets

Sheet of One 5x7 & Four 3½x2 Wallets

Sheet of Two 5x7s

Sheet of One 5x7 & Two 4x5s

Black & White Photography

My first photo lab business was purely a black & white photo lab.  Serving professional photographers all over the United States.  I'm a stickler about printing true black & white images.  Back then in my film and chemical days, I was printing with Aristo cold light enlarger heads.  The Aristo enlarger heads didn't put out heat which would often cause a film negative to buckle under traditional enlarger light causing focus issues on paper.  Also the Aristo light minimized the appearance of dust specks on prints.

Printing color film on Kodak Panalure photo paper and on a variety of multi-contrast b&w papers from various manufacturers.  Ansel Adams and the zone system were my heroes.  Today, my goal is creating black & white photographic prints with all eleven zones between the whitest whites to the blackest of blacks truly represented where possible.  Real B&WI do NOT like so-called B&W photographs which are muddy zones of grey.

Any of my Portrait Club members interested in learning more about B&W photography and printing just ask.  Might be a chance for me to learn something new as well.

Sheet of Four 3½ x5s

Digital Design Studio: Photocopying

This service option offered exclusively to Portrait Club members. You provide a photo print of a loved one who has since passed and who you would like to have creatively added to a portrait I will capture for you in the studio. This is the only digital photocopying I provide. I do not provide photo restoration or simply digitizing old photographs. My Portrait Club members may provide a photograph or two as well as JPEGs you may already have. From these I may be able to provide a collage or montage portrait. It is best to consult with me before your portrait session to ensure the best final results. - John 

I use professional photocopying technique to ensure best quality.

I apply digital photo enhancements as needed.