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Photographer/Studio Owner John Wilson

I use to own and operate a custom black & white photo lab with a couple of other portrait studios I owned in Chattanooga, Tennessee. My photo lab was called Creative Darkrooms for the sake of anyone reading who might remember.  I prefer my digital design photo lab now.

Serving professional photographers all over the United States. I'm a stickler about printing true black & white images. Back then in my film and chemical days, I was printing with Aristo cold light enlarger heads. The Aristo enlarger heads didn't put out heat which would often cause a film negative to buckle under traditional enlarger light causing focus issues on paper. Also the Aristo light minimized the appearance of dust specks on prints.

Printing color film on Kodak Panalure photo paper and on a variety of multi-contrast b&w papers from various manufacturers. Ansel Adams and the zone system were my heroes. Today, my goal is creating black & white photographic prints with all eleven zones between the whitest whites to the blackest of blacks truly represented where possible. Real B&W. I do NOT like so-called B&W photographs which are muddy zones of grey with no clean whites anywhere to be found.

Also still operating my photography business at the time as Wedding Photographics.  Shooting with two Pentax 645 medium format film cameras.  Must have shot well over 500 film weddings before moving to Chattanooga.

Creative Darkrooms I operated while also working as a wedding photographer.   I continued Creative Darkrooms while I was also employed by MasterPortrait Studios in Chattanooga, Tennessee.  I definitely prefer my digital design photo lab I now operate.

No more storing gallons of distilled water to mix my liquid photo chemicals for processing films.  I preferred distilled water to protect the films from various impurities in tap water.  Especially any high iron content.  E6 for processing Ektachrome slide film.  C-41 for negative films.  Various powder and liquid B&W chemicals.  Testing various mixing ratios, processing temperatures and times with various films to get certain image characteristics.  Working with various brand multi-contrast black & white photo papers and working with various processing temperatures and processing times to achieve certain image results.  Those were the days.  Now, with digital, it's a lot less headaches and less time consuming, tedious and easier to get the image results I want.  The color enlarger and the tabletop print processor below were my main equipment.  I also home-built a vacuum easel mounted on wall for 24"x36" printing.

Durst AC707 Autocolor Dichroic Enlarger

Durst RCP 20 Tabletop Automatic Color Processor

The Digital Design Photo Lab

Now, processing portraits and designing wedding album pages are mostly done on computers.  Like this a whole lot better than the years I spent in my traditional chemical photo lab.

The digital design photo lab is also a multimedia production studio and also video studio for my YouTube Channel.


I have 4K video cameras which can also be used to add video content to online interactive baby portrait albums and engagement portrait books. Schedule your own portrait session soon to be among the first to enjoy these new products and services.

This Epson photo printer a lot better and faster than processing 11"x14" and up to 16"x20" wall portraits in a drum or tabletop print processor.

Those days are over! 

Ask John about special discount price available for NEW customers for your very first portrait session when invited by any Top Class Portraits photographer and your session scheduled within 14 days.

This is the way to design your digital wedding album.  I encourage my wedding clients to sit down with me in my digital design photo lab and we can take a whole day if necessary.  Especially if designing a 40 page wedding album.  The vast majority of weddings are best shown in a 30 to 40 page wedding album.  We can experiment with various sizing, color borders, shadowing, making some images design elements and a lot more!  No hurry to make sure we design a gorgeous wedding album that you will love for many years to come.

Black & White Senior

Black & White Model

Black & White Sepia Toned Senior with lens flare from flash visible for creative effect.