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Top Class Portraits does NOT track you.  That’s my Privacy Policy in a nutshell.

Trackers lurk nearly everywhere online, trying to scoop up your search history, browsing history, location history, and more. Even everyday online activities like purchasing groceries or looking up the local weather can result in dozens of companies tracking you.

Other companies track your data — like your search and browse history — to create detailed profiles about you, and then use those profiles to follow you around with ads so creepy it can seem like your devices are listening in on you (even when they aren’t). These profiles are also used by companies to influence what you see online, which can lead to manipulation and discrimination.

I respect and support your legal privacy rights.

Critically, it's not possible for me to provide search or browsing histories linked to you in response to legal requests because I don't have them. Nevertheless, I will vigorously resist government efforts to compel to produce the very limited personal information that I might have, for example, your email address if you are a portrait club member or portrait customer.  Customers and portrait club members are highly encouraged to keep your debit/credit card information on file at my office to minimize transmission of this for payment purposes.  I do not sell any information about my customers and portrait club members to anyone.

I do not knowingly market to or solicit information from children.

My website is intended for a general audience interested in being photographers, improving their photography skills and customers of portrait and wedding photography. I do not knowingly market to or solicit information from children.

I do not sell your personal information.

I have never sold any personal information. Period.

I will post a notice on this page when my policy is updated.

I will notify you of changes by posting the modified version on my website. I will indicate the date it was last modified below.



John Wilson