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Portrait Sessions

Clicking the portrait links below will take you to the Google Drive Portrait Album for that session.  In the Top Right-Hand Corner of the photo album you will see a text link, "Download all" if you would like to download all the images.  You may also just click and download any individual image(s) you would like.

February 26, 2023- Chick

February 27, 2023- Aaron

March 18, 2023-Aaron

April 6, 2023-Aaron

April 15, 2023-Aaron

November 10, 2023-Newman

Top Class Portraits™ sessions are archived here for at least six months.  Here your family and friends may come to view and download their favorite full resolution printable JPEGs from your portrait session(s).   Top Class Portraits sessions are labeled by date of the portrait session followed by last name.  Click the portrait date/last name above to view that Top Class Portraits session album on Google Drive.  If you have viewed and downloaded all your portraits and would like your online portrait album removed, just use Contact Form to request removal of your link on this page. 

While I do require written permission to use any and all photographs I create for public display, etc., your portrait session does NOT have to be posted here for sharing with family and friends.  This service is offered as a convenience for my portrait customers.  If you prefer, I can simply email you a link to your Google Drive Portrait Album.  You may then share this link with who you choose.

All images I create for my portrait customers include "basic" photo retouching.  What's this?  I define it as any photo shop retouching I have the skills and ability to do within 60 seconds per image.  Doesn't matter how complex or sophisticated some may consider the photo shop technique employed, as long as I can do it for you within 60 seconds - your image will get it as I deem necessary and at no extra charge to you. 

There are different feelings about portrait retouching.  Some people don't think they look like themselves after retouching and so there is some level of disappointment in their portraits.  But just keep this in mind.  You are NOT any blood shot eyes, skin acne, bags under eyes, shaving cut and any other skin and skin color issues.  So I do basic retouch to correct those by default - unless you instruct me not to provide portrait retouching.

Deluxe Portrait Session images receive additional retouching as deemed necessary by retouch artist.  Ask about any special retouching you would like done to see if it is included in your session.  Please ask BEFORE session so photographer may minimize retouching by shooting in different ways to avoid what you would otherwise like to have retouched.  Photo retouching in Deluxe Portrait Session is any photo shop retouching the retouch artist has the skills and ability to do within 2 minutes per image.

Prices Subject To Change Without Notice | Special Offers & Discounts Cannot Be Combined

Only Top Class Portrait photographer permitted to take photos during portrait sessions.

At conclusion of your portrait session, if you are not happy with the images I shot for you, you don't have to accept the images and you don't pay for the portrait session.  I will show you all images on 42" computer monitor if in studio or on 7" 4K camera monitor if shooting on location. With the 7" 4K camera monitor when I'm photographing your outdoor Deluxe Portrait Session, you may more easily view your images. You may select your favorites and even request any special retouching or other enhancements. Your images will be uploaded by the next business day for viewing and downloading the full resolution 42+ megapixel JPEGs with copyright release to you. 

The Best Color Palettes for Family Portraiture

Depending on when and where your family is being photographed, the color of your clothing can compliment your surroundings and help create an eye-catching image.  Check out the images below and their respective color palettes to get an idea of colors to wear for your family's portrait.  Don't forget to discuss wardrobe options with your photographer.  PLAN this with your photographer BEFORE your portrait session.  Exceptional and beautiful portraits don't happen by accident.  Just like a TV show or movie.  All about planning.

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