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John is a full-time professional photographer with full service studio & digital design photo lab.

  Accredited Member of the Better Business Bureau. A+ rating over 21 years.

I start with creating a high resolution digital copy of your negative film frame or positive transparency film frame. If this is all you needed was a high resolution digital copy of your film frame, then this is completed and I can provide to you through a link to your email. The link will take you to your high resolution file(s) where you will have a full week to view and download.

If you want restoration of an old color or black and white photograph, I will first provide you a FREE price quote for the particular digital restoration work that will be involved in order to produce a high quality reproduced print of your original. If you agree and place the order with me, there is a minimum $30 service included in my quote. You will have to leave your original with me for up to one week. I will need your original with me to compare to the photographic reproduction to ensure an exact match. I reproduce photographic restored copies up to 11”x14”. The reproduced restoration print will be matched to the same size as your original as long as the original measures under 11”x14”.

Here I found a color negative of myself on the flight line at an Air Force Base standing with an F-117 Stealth Fighter in the background. A friend took the shot. The prints have since been lost through moving around the country. But by converting this color negative to a positive high resolution digital file, I’m able to print as many color photos as I want to my heart’s desire.

You will be able to do the same from the enhanced & corrected high resolution digital versions your own black & white negative films, color negative and positive transparency slide films!

Please use the Contact Form to set-up a tentative appointment day and time to meet with me to place order for film conversion to digital and/or for consultation for free price quote for photo restoration.  I will immediately use your email address to confirm your requested day and time or coordinate with you as closely as possible for that day and time.

I can convert all film formats to a very high resolution digital file. This digital file may also be enhanced and retouched as in photo restoration and also enhancements of various kinds.

I also offer dedicated film scanning of 35mm and 120/220 roll film. I charge more for film scans. When it comes to personal or non-commercial negative and transparency conversion to digital - copying with 42 megapixel copy camera on copy stand and film on light panel produces very satisfactory results at the lowest price.

My film scans are $5 per frame. Copy camera conversions just $1 per frame. There is a $30 service charge minimum. 

YouTube video studio located with design photo lab and multimedia suite.

Film Negative to Digital Positive Conversion

After I have made a digital version of your film negative and converted to color, I can also digitally retouch and enhance your new digital color file. 

With your new high resolution color digital file made from your color negative with the 42 megapixel copy camera - you may print photo-quality photos with your own photo-quality printer or using lab of your choice.

I provide color and black & white printing from wallet sheets all the way up to 16" x 20" wall portraits ready for pick-up by the next business day. 

To view & download the high resolution of this digital conversion, click HERE. (25mb download)